PAMSP: An open letter for your use

A number of people have gotten in touch to ask how they can reach out and let people in Government know what is happening with PAMSP.

Below is an open letter you can email, print or paste into the web forms of your Representatives and other Officials. If you have any email addresses of any Government officials feel free to send them over and I’ll post them as a reference.

Keep any correspondence respectful and G-rated please…

Start by sending it to your representatives:

Senate Transportation Committee members:

House Transportation Committee Officers/members:

Auditor General:

Lieutenant Governor:


Dear ,

On April 18th, 2020 the contract for the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program (PAMSP) was suddenly cancelled by a single person at PennDOT – closing its offices, terminating all ~300 staff and Instructors and ending class for tens of thousands of students across the Commonwealth. Additionally with all training cancelled for 2020 this action has left Program motorcycles marooned across 70 sites, batteries draining, carburetors fouling, unknown costs to repair and restart them in the future.

PAMSP started in 1985 following the addition of Motorcycles to PA Title 75. Self-funded from fees assessed from motorcycle permits and licenses it is a program for motorcyclists, supported by motorcyclists. Classes are provided to students of all experience levels in order to reduce injuries and fatalities, to make sure that Pennsylvania, well within the top 10 of registered motorcycles and licensed motorcyclists in the US annually, is a safer place.

Cancelling the PAMSP contract, just entering the 3rd of 5 years, was a first in the 35 year history of the program. The contract having already been suspended by COVID19 the events leading up to the cancellation advanced quickly, without any attempt at mediation or other methods of resolution.

In a Commonwealth – acting for the common good and welfare of all – it is shocking that one person could, without seeking mediation, without any oversight, end a mandated program. It is even more troubling that this can be done with no plan to mitigate its impact, or resume operations.

This action leaves the state with no mechanism to restart the program, no Program administrator, no curriculum, no contract. It ignores the statutory requirements in Title 75 as well as minor Class M licensing appearing in Act 84, 2012. It unnecessarily leaves the program in chaos with unknown future costs to restart it.

I would like to speak to you or a member of your staff about this situation, to ask that it be investigated, to see what can be done to remedy the problem, at least salvage the 2021 season before it is too late.


Concerned PA Citizen, Motorcyclist

Please reference:
RFP: 3516R09 “Motorcycle Safety Program”
Contract #: 4400018159
Cancellation notice:

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