PAMSP Instructors and Supporters: A Call to action

Currently the PAMSP (PA Motorcycle Program) is in shambles.

It lacks a Contract, Program Administrator, Curricula, Staff, Mechanics, Instructors.
PAMSP Motorcycles remain in sheds scattered across Pennsylvania, as well as in the Main Warehouse, unattended, batteries dying, carburetors fouling.

PennDOT has been through 3 of the largest Motorcycle Training providers/administrators in the country in under a decade.

Pennsylvania is routinely in the top 5 highest numbers of registered motorcycles and/or licensed motorcyclists in the US.

We deserve better.

Not the first time:

This isn’t the first time in under a decade the Program has been on the rocks.

The Program was in such disrepair after 5 years that in 2017 PennDOT paid additional fees just to be able to restart the Program in 2018 from a cold start at the natural end of a Program Administrator’s contract.

Worse than the last times:

This time PennDOT has stopped the Program dead in the middle of a contract – with absolutely no plan to deal with the impact of the decision of a single person at PennDOT who cancelled the contract.

Staff, Instructors, Supporters and Citizens can either sit on their hands, allow a few small groups sitting around a table to hash out the future of the PAMSP or they can get off of their seats and do something.

A general call to action:

  • TCTI should return as the Program Administrator for PAMSP in 2021
  • TCTI curricula should remain in PA.
    This is the fastest way to resume operations, leverage existing trained Instructors.
  • Consideration should be given to change the compensation of Program Administrators:
    • Training: Unit price, cost plus, etc.
    • Administration: Separate Admin from Instruction, payment in advance.
  • In the “New Normal” consider remote live Instructor-led delivery of the Classroom portions of the BRC.
    • Increases safety (social distancing)
    • Increase student retention
    • Reduces site-related expenses
  • The liquidated damages and other punitive aspects of the contracts must be revisited and removed where practical.
  • Contract suspensions must be clearly declared as in whole or in part.
    If in part exactly what parts must be clearly stipulated before they can be considered by the Program Administrator.
  • Scrutiny must be given to the failure of PAMSP to meet its mandate (Title 75) while still collecting fees from PA residents during contract suspensions/cancellations.
  • Consideration must be given to Act 84 (2012) minors who cannot take the program required by Law to receive their class M license during suspensions/cancellations.
  • The RFP should be emailed to all PAMSP Staff & Instructors & posted publicly prior to it’s posting for a 30 day review and comment period.
  • Greater oversight must be given to PAMSP, their contracts and their methods of mediating dispute, powers to terminate agreements.
  • No single person should have the power to cancel the PAMSP contract without mediation being required.
  • A working group of 3-5 persons should be formed within any organization responsible within the Commonwealth to review any actions which would materially alter the operation of PAMSP, or at least when seeking to suspend or cancel the PAMSP contract.
  • Perhaps PennDOT is not the proper authority for the Program, perhaps the PA State Police would be better suited.

In closing:

Instructors can sit on their hands or they can get engaged, inform the public, write their representatives, forward this site on to others, etc.

This Program provides a valuable public service, helps motorcyclists as well as their friends, families and loved ones and helps save lives.

It deserves better.

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