What if they cancelled a Motorcycle Safety Program and no one noticed?

What if one person suddenly cancelled a Program that taught upwards of 25,000 people a year, employed a few full time staff people and nearly 300 Instructors?

You would think there would be an uproar.

On April 18th, 2020, PennDOT suddenly – with no oversight, mediation, etc. – cancelled a 5 year contract just entering it’s 3rd year, effectively terminating the PA Motorcycle Safety Program, 300 staff and classes for ~20,000 people.

And you wouldn’t even know it.

Think about the Instructors who were all sacked without warning – who give up their personal riding time, personal family time, nights, weekends, vacation days to spend time training motorcyclists of all ages, skill levels, walks of life.

Think about the nearly 20,000 students who will ride, some to their deaths, without the benefit of any training – training that would have assisted them in skills they need most, practice the least, may understand little about without the proper training – the kind of training PAMSP would have provided them.

Think about those motorcyclists riding without a license. In 2017 fatal motorcycle crashes according to NHTSA 29% were riding without a valid motorcycle license. In PA unlicensed motorcyclists “riding a permit” – extending it year after year – was so prevalent that in 2013 Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett signed into law Act 126 of 2013 which limits the number of times a motorcyclist can obtain a permit. In PA you now can only have 4 permits in 5 years – the original permit and 3 following only after each has first expired requiring the retaking of the permit test – no renewals, 4 freshly minted DMV-based permits. Why was they law passed? To encourage motorcyclists to learn to ride while properly licensed – which is exactly what PAMSP is designed to do.

Maybe people assume that someone else will fix the problem and the Program will restart in in the future, Instructors will simply go back to teaching. As of now, what Instructors?

Maybe people don’t care who fixes the problem or when it’s fixed, they’re just looking forward to the restart. When and how will that happen?

Maybe people are waiting for the dust to settle, to decide what to do – for Instructors who knows if their current certifications will still be relevant or a new curriculum will be selected, if a new Administrator will take over, if they’ll want to work again.

Maybe they think this won’t happen again.

Maybe people don’t know what to do and need someone to show them the way.

A few of is would like the believe the latter is the case.

If you are wondering what to do here is a start:

  1. Spread the word about this site far and wide.
    Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Instagram, etc.
  2. Point people to the “How we got here” page on the site here
  3. Take a look at the “Call to Action” page on the site here
  4. Start writing email and calling:
    1. Your PA Representatives
    2. The members of the PA Transportation Committee
    3. PA Department of the Auditor General
    4. The offices of the Governor and/or Lieutenant General
  5. Email this site with questions, comments, questions

Instructors care, students care, friends and loved ones care.

When people aren’t being taught how to ride they are a risk to themselves and others.

Everyone who rides knows this.

We’re the last chance safety personnel most riders will ever see.

Keep PAMSP alive.

It matters.

Copyright 2020 PAMotorcyclist, all rights reserved.

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