Happy Mother’s Day 2020

While the “new normal” still isn’t we should take time to thank all of the Moms out there, without whom we wouldn’t be here.

For the Moms who can’t be with us today let us have faith that they’ve found peace, left, in you, a lasting legacy of their time on earth.

While not all Moms ride they may have a child, niece, nephew, relative, friend, neighbor or acquaintance that does.

Some Moms are Motorcycle Safety Instructors and if they are working today let’s hope they are having good weather, pleasant students and the satisfaction of knowing they are helping the children of other Mothers by their actions.

Many Moms do ride and, whether as pilot or pillion, they may be out today celebrating their special day.

Some Moms who may or may not ride are in situations that place them in peril of exposure. Take time to think about them, the hardship they are enduring to help the children of others.

Let’s all hope they are safe, able to be at home, find time to rest and reflect on one of the hardest jobs in the world.

Being a Mom.

Thanks Moms, everywhere.

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