You can make a difference with the PA Legislature – and you are

Many of you have taken advantage of the form letter, call to action and information from this site (such as the “How we got here” post) to contact your local representatives. And it’s working.

Many Representatives are unaware of what PAMSP does, who PAMSP helps and that it has a statutory requirement under Title 75 and under Act 84 (2012). Many are also unaware that in the 35 year history of the Program that it’s administrative contract has never been cancelled – and in this case why the cancellation wasn’t just unnecessary, but also completely unexpected, creating issues that will impact constituents across the Commonwealth in a number of ways as it can no longer meet its statutory requirements.

Basic Program statutory requirements:

  • Title 75
    § 7911.(a) Motorcycle safety education program
    The Department is to establish a Commonwealth-wide Motorcycle safety education program.
  • Act 84 (2012)
    § 1505.(e)(4) Learners’ permits.
    Those under 18 must must complete an approved motorcycle safety course. Without one they cannot meet this legal requirement.
  • The Program has a fiduciary responsibility to expend funds raised from permit and license fees on the Motorcycle safety education program
    § 7904. Fees.
    § 7905. Restricted receipts account.
    The Program is still collecting money and placing them in an account which is to fund a Motorcycle Safety Program.
  • Related: PA Residents are limited to the number of Motorcycle permits they can receive in a 5 year period (4, the 1st and 3 subsequent applications) Act 126 (2013) Cancelling the Program may mean some current permit holders will not be able to receive a permit in 2021.

One Person can make a difference:

Thanks to a concerned citizen Instructor one Legislator is planning to introduce legislation to require PennDOT to resume operation of the PAMSP while adhering to CDC guidelines. This is a great first step.

Contact the members of the Senate and House Transportation Committees – for instance those on the Transportation Committees of the House & Senate have been very good at getting back to people, as have others in other Departments.

When you talk to your Representatives:

Be respectful, talk about the benefit of the Program, what it does.

Many Legislators are surprised to learn there is a PA Motorcycle Safety Program.

For some Legislators they are surprised, and very concerned, to learn that a single person can, without any mediation or oversight, terminate a statutory program.

They are typically very surprised when they learn the Program is self funding and the issues are not related to the overall budget – and that the Program is Administered by a 3rd party which limits its impact on the overall PennDOT budget.

You can make a difference:

PAMSP serves a vital purpose. PAMSP is self-funded, for the most part self managing, and therefore represents a low cost-high value service that has no budgetary impact on the Commonwealth. Instructors are a force multiplier for PennDOT motorcycle licensing – 300-500 additional personnel across +70 sites that require no PennDOT infrastructure, management, queues or windows to visit.

If you want the Program to continue – please stay active.

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