PAMSP needs transparency, not back room deals

If we’re to learn anything from the last decade of PAMSP’s existence is that not engaging the people who know the Program the best – Instructors, Site Coordinators, etc. – has not worked out well.

Instructors are the heart of the Program.

  • Instructors take a long time to locate and train.
  • Without Instructors classes can’t be staffed.
  • Classes without Instructors can’t be put on the Internet for Student registration.
  • Classes that aren’t put out for registration never happen.
  • Classes that never happen train no Students.

Whatever is happening with PAMSP currently is unknown to those outside of PennDOT and perhaps a few small groups.

This is a Commonwealth and calls for more transparency into PAMSP have been made since the 2014-2017 season.

Let’s abide by that request.

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