And so the free for all begins…

PennDOT is soon to release the 2020 site awards to the various 3rd party vendors who bid on the sites. The bid completion date is 8/31/2020 but this being a Friday perhaps word will be released more quickly. The bid award process is a total mystery, not transparent, but that’s to be expected.

From a site perspective, this will mean a repainting of any sites that are no longer teaching the current curriculum – requiring labor, materials, certification, site permission, and access – as well as recruitment and training of any Instructors who are not certified in the new curriculum.

PennDOT will have to be ready to deal with multiple vendors, contracts, reimbursement submissions, etc. which they were unable to deal with effectively under a single contract so 2020 should be an interesting test run for 2021.

Instructors who complained about the previous paperwork you should look forward to additional paperwork for multiple vendors. Those of you who aren’t lucky enough to have a site teaching to your current certification will have to look to becoming certified in a totally new curriculum and the additional time and effort that will take.

In addition to all of the administrative work will come a whole new set of logistics including getting sitting bikes running again, if a vendor is borrowing PennDOT motorcycles. Time is running short on 2020…

Whatever 2020 has been it ushers in a new era for PAMSP, fundamentally changing the Program from this point forward.

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