Yes, PAMSP Instructors, MSF abandoned you.

After a nearly 3-decade run MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) was displaced as the PAMSP (PA Motorcycle Safety Program) Administration company by PennDOT in 2013.

Their replacement was Cape Fox Professional Services (CPFS) who took over PAMSP administration (day to day operations) but kept the MSF curriculum.

Following CPFS’ failed administration PennDOT created a new RFP in 2017 to find a new Program Administrator, and an updated curriculum (MSF BRCu or another).

RiderCoaches across the Commonwealth waited for MSF to ride to the rescue, tender a bid and reclaim operation of PAMSP, ensure their certified RiderCoaches would keep their certifications, all RiderCoaches would be updated to the BRCu curriculum and the “best Program in the country” would go back to the way it was…

That never happened.

Yes, PA RiderCoaches, MSF abandoned you – and they had every right to.

MSF departs PA:

PA isn’t the first State to part with MSF administering their motorcyclist safety program. California did the same thing in 2014.

MSF’s response?

Notify CMSP’s organizers as to why they won’t submit a bid response when motorcyclist training contracts are offered, note the potential loss of research in that State. Again, totally within their rights, as a Company, to do so.

Now for-profit companies teaching MSF curricula are coming back into PA, with the help of PAMSP MSF alumni, making statements to Instructors about starting honestly, saying how MSF had not abandoned them.

That’s not a great way to start a new relationship.

Yes, MSF abandoned PA:

Since 2013 MSF has not competed to completion, as an organization, in RFP – 2017, 2020 or, as far as we know so far, the 2021 RFP.

They chose not to compete in 2017 but had every opportunity to do so, participating until they removed themselves from the process. Yes, the contract wasn’t the greatest – but neither are the most recent ones.

Their choice not to compete – but in doing so they knowingly orphaned RiderCoaches in 2017 understanding that the 5yr contract would mean that nearly every PA RiderCoach certification would have long expired as nearly all RiderCoaches could teach nowhere else.

Is the MSF entitled to not bid on contracts, absolutely. Is the MSF allowed to withhold its services from a State, certainly. Can the MSF allow RiderCoach certifications to expire – you bet.

Feeling orphaned? Don’t worry, RiderCoach education, or re-education, is baked into Contracts – so while it’s not great for Instructors to be forced to invest learning an entirely new curriculum every 5 years (as little as 2yrs in 2020 and beyond in PA) at least someone else is being paid to train you (hint: Program fees).

Yes, you heard that correctly – in PA, to (re)train you, much of that is built into the contract. In some other States the Instructors bear the total cost of their training (or re-training) so PA has had it “lucky” so far. Will that continue in the future? Perhaps as who wouldn’t want to make money training you, then put you to work…

“Return” of MSF:

So with new for-profit MSF curriculum-based companies bidding on PAMSP contracts, the MSF is able to derive fees from curricula licensing, can again cite their materials are used in PA and gets to certify a whole new cadre of RiderCoaches in PA – all without the headache of administering the PA program under an untenable contract. A potential win-win.

While many Riding Instructors are happy that MSF has “returned” to PA don’t forget it’s only via for-profit proxies and the “3rd party model” that this is occurring. The MSF, as an organization, a Company, is not “coming back to PA” – and that decision had been, and still is, theirs to make – just as they did in 2017.

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