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“Why are there no PAMSP Classes”/”Why are PAMSP Classes so hard to find”:

There are PAMSP classes, you’ll need to visit the PennDOT Driver & Vehicle Services Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program locations page here in order to locate a training site near you.

Myth: PAMSP “Pushing” Helmet use 4/30/2020:

What many people may not realize is that Pennsylvania has a mandatory helmet Law.
Yes, PA has a mandatory helmet law.

There are (3) exceptions to this law which do not require Operator use of a helmet:
– Operators over 21 years of age & possessing a Class M License for +2yrs
– Operators over 21 years of age & having successfully completed the PAMSP BRC/IRC
– Operator of a 3 wheeled enclosed vehicle
– Note: Passengers of exempted riders, over (21), can also elect to wear a helmet or not

This is in keeping with both ABATE of PA & American Motorcyclists Association positions on helmet use – they support voluntary use without mandates. In fact, ABATE of PA was instrumental in passing the helmet law changes in September, 2003 that led to the existing exceptions in the Law.

Regardless of the curriculum used in PA none “push” helmet use. The PA Law specific information is reviewed and approved by PennDOT and other resources and represents the current Law, it’s requirements as well as it’s exceptions.

The curriculum does provide an overview of how to properly select, fit and wear a helmet. This is to ensure that students are informed consumers if they so desire to purchase a helmet – which can be a very expensive endeavor.

At no point do we, as Instructors, compel students to purchase a helmet. We present information and the Law. Compliance, as with other Laws, is their responsibility.

Instructors are not “forced” to wear helmets at all times, but as with protective foot and eye ware requirements at other places of employment they are required to wear certain protective gear to, from and while on the job. This is known from before they become Instructors. It is clearly communicated from day one, including in multiple documents and they either agree to abide by the requirement and become an Instructor or don’t and return to the riding public, their choice.

As mature, informed riders we review those risks every time we ride. That’s the way it should be in Pennsylvania, according to the Law & the freedom of personal choice.

So the next time someone says “PAMSP is pushing helmets”, push back.

PAMSP Training Locations (4/29/2020):

Although a PennDOT program did you know that PennDOT doesn’t provide, locate or maintain PAMSP training locations?

PAMSP Training locations occasionally may take place on a PennDOT property but the vast majority of them are on public or private property, located by Instructors or other Program staff, occupancy negotiated and either rented or allowed to be used by the property owner to conduct PA Motorcycle Safety Courses.

PennDOT contracts with multiple motorcycle safety vendors. To see which sites are near you please check out this PennDOT site:


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