A marginalized stakeholder – the PAMSP Instructor

Regardless of who is running PAMSP there is one stakeholder that must be included – the PAMSP Instructor. Today they are not, and they won’t be in the the future. To PAMSP, PennDOT, Instructors are simply a resource considered easily found, trained, and replaced – like McDonald’s fry cooks. It takes a lot of timeContinue reading “A marginalized stakeholder – the PAMSP Instructor”

PAMSP – A fully funded Commonwealth program you have no say in.

PAMSP – Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program for those of you new to the site – was created by the Legislature back in the 80s when they added Motorcycles to Title 75. It was intended to train motorcyclists in an effort to keep them safe. Unlike other programs it is, to this day, fully funded viaContinue reading “PAMSP – A fully funded Commonwealth program you have no say in.”